Well, today is a new day for all of us!
We crossed a chasm today, we rebranded ourselves as a Data and AI company.
Our domain is now officially thirdeyedata.AI from thirdeyedata.io.

When we had originally conceived of the “.IO” domain way back in 2016, there was a lot of thought behind it.
IO for me meant “Input” and “Output” which further meant so many fundamental computer sciences topics that we deal with on a daily basis in our work lives:

  • memory stacks – where data is pushed and popped
  • data pipelines – where data is traveling in and out of pipelines
  • disk ios – “input” being a write and an “output” being a read

However, with changing times, and as we gain more experiences and further establish our market presence, we have to change too.
Today AI touches every aspect of our daily lives. Every project we work on has some component of AI associated with it. We are always doing AI in some way or the other. Our outgoing marketing messages are changing accordingly. We are now presenting ourselves as a premier Data & AI services and solutions company.

And hence the domain change!

Our best times are ahead of us. The domain change is just a sign of the better things to come!