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Data Warehousing With Google BigQuery
Data warehousing and the resulting business intelligence are the basic necessities of business today. And today’s technologies makes it possible to have a sophisticated data warehouse up and running in the clouds at a price and scale that was never possible before. 
This webinar showcases the reasons, ways and means of developing such modern day data warehouses using Google BigQuery.
  • Modern use cases of Data Warehouses.
  • Quick overview of the options available in the market today.
  • Using BigQuery for building your Data Warehouse.
  • Kabam’s BigQuery based Data Warehouse
    – Kabam’s Use case
    – Why Big Query for selected over others.
    – How does it functions today
    – Next Steps
  • Summary of lessons learned and takeaways.
April 28 2016
1 pm to 2 pm PST
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We will give away one copy of “Google BigQuery Analytics” personally signed by Google BigQuery’s team lead, Jordan Tigani.
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