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Top 10 Big Data Companies in California

Big data has changed the way organizations plan and execute their processes. Advanced Big Data analytics has its own advantages when it comes to data storage across multiple networks. Despite the success achieved through big data, the need for developing well-managed data environment in individual companies is hard to deny. This is where the big data companies have grown in stature. Big data help the organizations to create winning business model and gain valuable insights for the better decision making.

In this blog, we have listed 10 prominent companies based in California that provide innovative big data solutions to their clients.

  1. Beyond the Arc

Beyond the Arc helps customers to drive the business successfully. From developing successful strategies to implementing ideas into action, their integrated agency offers hands-on support for customer communications and content marketing, social media, training, and media relations. They have an in-house expertise in data science and advanced analytics, to give customer data-driven insights to fuel their CX objectives.

The Beyond the Arc team includes CX strategists, specialists in marketing, customer and corporate communications, instructional designers and trainers, and data scientists.

  1. Thirdeye Data

Thirdeye Data services help organizations transform knowledge into tactical insights for more informed, timelier business decisions. They bring extensive experience and industry-specific best practices for tackling virtually any BI challenge. Through Big Data Technologies, they solve customers’ 3V data problems – Volume, Velocity, and Variety – but go beyond that to deliver the 4th V: ‘Value’. Further, their state-of-the-art Global Delivery centers in the US and India offer cost-effective access to leading IT resources essential for focused technical development and delivery.

  1. KPI Partners

KPI Partners provides strategic guidance and technology systems for clients wishing to solve their most complex and interesting business challenges involving cloud applications and big data.

  1. DataSelf

DataSelf Analytics delivers a comprehensive platform that connects out-of-the-box to Microsoft Dynamics and competing ERP and CRM systems. This platform includes a preconfigured data warehouse, connectors and over 5,000 reports, dashboards and KPIs. DataSelf dramatically cuts down the time and effort for mid-sized companies to get value from their data.

  1. RiskIQ

RiskIQ is the leader in digital threat management, providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. RiskIQ allows enterprises to gain unified insight and control over web, social, and mobile exposures. Their platform combines advanced internet data reconnaissance and analytics to expedite investigations, understand attack surfaces, assess risk, and take action against digital threats.

  1. 3Q Digital

3Q Digital is Silicon Valley’s agency of record and the largest independent digital marketing agency, and the way they work reflects their roots: they are relentless, restless, and constantly striving to innovate and drive growth for their clients. They are a fully integrated digital marketing agency based in Silicon Valley, with offices in downtown San Francisco, Chicago,  Austin, New York City, San Diego, Raleigh, Charlottesville, and Burlington (VT).

  1. BSTRO

BSTRO is a digital marketing agency that cut its teeth in start-up time. From the outset we learned that speed is crucial. That design drives value. And that nimble, smart teams can accomplish great things. The diverse expertise and experience of our in-house team allow us to dive deeply into our clients’ needs, goals and objectives so we can put data, storytelling and technology to their most effective use — and deliver more, every time.

  1. Skalable Technologies

Skalable Technologies is a leading global software solution provider with deep expertise in Microsoft and Oracle-Netsuite technologies. They have over 18 years of experience in Microsoft technologies and began their operations about nine years back and had grown organically working with clients and adapting them to changing technologies.

  1. Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds enables Digital Transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies: big data analytics, internet of things, mobility, cloud, security, unified communications, etc. Happiest Minds offers domain centric solutions, IPs in IT Services, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Management and Security. These services have applicability across industry sectors such as retail, CPG, e-commerce, banking, insurance, hi-tech, engineering R&D, manufacturing, automotive and travel/transportation/hospitality.

  1. INFINIT Consulting

INFINIT Consulting pride themselves on being more than just a leading cloud solutions provider. They are problem solvers, delivering the types of unrivaled cloud consulting and technology services that businesses need to get the results they demand from their investment. Originally founded over a decade ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’re Digital Transformation Specialists – creating the types of customized, rock-solid options you need to not only support the shape your business takes today but to help it continue to grow and evolve for years to come.