ThirdEye Data at West Bengal Colleges for An Alluring Internship Programs

ThirdEye Data is a one-stop solution for data science, analytics, and engineering services and we are currently organizing a college campus intern recruitment program. Till now we have visited various colleges in West Bengal including, B.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology, Haldia Institute of Technology, MCKVE, Kalyani University, and Calcutta University. We received immense enthusiasm from the students about Artificial Intelligence, data science, and data engineering. We look forward to meet-up more colleges like Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Techno International, Calcutta Institute of Technology, and Presidency University. Check out what we are focussing on and our internship training module.

Our Mission – To Make Kolkata, The City of Joy, Also A City of Analytics!

ThirdEye Data have chosen Kolkata, to make it a “city of Analytics” as well. As we realised Kolkatans never miss out on the opportunity to learn new things, we opted for this place to offer the vast platform for a Data Science and Data Engineering. ThirdEye’s solutions and products leverage the latest and greatest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies unleashed to its fullest potential for scale and volume by Big Data technologies. We had numerous options in hand, but Kolkata is the place we deliberately chose. 

We are here to provide an intensive and immersive 12 – 16 weeks’ intensive training program that offers an overview of budding statisticians with deep theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences for solving real-world business problems along with storytelling abilities to become full-fledged “Data Scientists” or “Data Engineer”. We will bridge the gap between the academic and professional fields. All the college goers have enough theoretical knowledge but we are here to put their knowledge into practical use. With the wide technology in use, ThirdEye Data promises the students a huge learning scope.

Students attaining engineering degree fervently wait for an appropriate platform to start up their career. We are here to provide the platform, train them for 12 weeks, and set the students on the path of their success. Every dreams requires a catalyst that can help them know the market before jumping into the industry full of competition and failures. We help interns to get a good grip on the data science and data engineering platforms and get them ready for the next step. This can be the much required break that you have been waiting for. So don’t just sit there, get in touch with us and get enrolled in our internship program.

The Internship Program

While we visited the colleges, the students were eager to attend our program, understand what we have for them and acquire as much knowledge as possible. Since the world is going gaga about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, and Data Science and Data Engineering, college students took immense interest in this program. AI is all in all a new concept in practical use. Most of it is still a prototype but it has many awestruck features that attract the millennials around the world. ThirdEye is here to offer the platform of vast possibilities for the students to step into their professional field. During the program, all the employees from the ThirdEye company participated in it and helped in understanding the benefits of this program.

For the Data Science Professional Internship Program

About the algorithms, interns will be able to understand the common use of algos and the real-life application of this. They will be allowed to explore popular frameworks and will also learn about updating algos and creating new ones. Creating models is another vital part of the machine learning and our internship program include this as well. The training program will help in identifying the best model that is in use for the business case. It also involves developing, models – training & scoring, iterations to fine tune models, optimizing production and finally applying the model to a Big Data system. That is not all, with this internship program you get to learn about big data and spark ecosystem, cloud-based machine learning, and data science. You get a thorough knowledge about SQL, R & Python.

Data engineering professional internship program

On the contrary, in this program interns can get detailed knowledge about Spark development, Cloud platform and its use in the data engineering, about SQL, R & Python and lastly, the practical use of Java.

A training program that offers so much is definitely worth a shot. Institutes from different parts of West Bengal contacted us to provide the 12 weeks internship program to their students . We believe bookish knowledge is good to excell the college semester but the practical use of the same process, works very differently. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to call ThirdEye Data at your college campus today!