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The state of the world of real time streaming analytics was unraveled at the In-Memory Computing Summit 2016. CEOs, big data scientists and system architects met in San Francisco to rub elbows and talk shop about ongoing and upcoming trends in future-redefining computing. As you might expect, Third Eye Consulting Services  was a noteworthy presence among the expert crowd.

In addition to sponsoring receptions and participating in the behind-the-scenes logistics of the summit, Third Eye exhibited its solution for the Internet of Things, the Eyera platform. This self-sufficient Internet of Things solution boosts the Microsoft Azure stack by adding services that focuses on real time streaming data. Users can work with their big data frameworks of choice to implement in memory analytics that do everything from proactively troubleshooting fabrication equipment to quantifying supply chain fleet movement. Eyera’s compatibility with a range of IoT software and hardware also promise to make machine learning more accessible to diverse enterprise users.

What did attendees think about Eyera? While it wasn’t the only fast data implementation to make an appearance at the summit, people couldn’t stop commenting on its potential. Unlike many in memory solutions, Third Eye services aren’t bound to the constraints of a specific cloud platform; they’re adaptable and scalable. Many booth visitors currently working with custom applications expressed enthusiasm about how easily they might integrate Eyera into their existing methodologies.

The In-Memory Computing Summit 2016 was a major triumph for fast data professionals, especially those who stopped by the Third Eye booth. If past industry events are any indicator, Big Data professionals users are sure to take their cues from what they experienced here.
Stay tuned for more insights on how you can build IoT applications for enterprises with power of Eyera by your side.

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