Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions releases Eyera, a packaged Internet of Things (IoT) solution. — July 11, 2016) Santa Clara, California — A revolution in data computing is taking place around the world. As companies start to monetize complex networks emitting data for various reasons, analytical tools and management systems must evolve to handle the workload. Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions, LLC, has developed an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution called Eyera to help businesses track and analyze data in order to make smart business decisions. The Eyera package is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, but incorporates emerging technologies into a set of hand-picked products from a range of sources. Eyera is easy to implement, making it faster and more cost-effective to deploy. “We designed Eyera to be 80% ready out of the box,” says Dj Das, founder and CEO of the California-based Big Data consulting firm. “End users need only to customize it with data sets and requirements that fit their unique business needs.” To learn more about this innovative IoT solution, visit

Any business enterprise that relies on real-time streaming data can use Eyera as part of their operation. It is flexible for use for various cases like predictive maintenance, fleet management, online or brick and mortar retail operations, and many other applications in various market sectors. Powerful analytic tools can predict problems before they occur, allowing enterprise to run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before. One additional benefit of the Eyera solution is that it can be customized by Third Eye to work on any cloud-based platform, bringing together disparate technologies into one seamless system that improves overall business performance. Since the back end of the solution is based in the cloud, Eyera gives end users the ability to access data and control dashboards from any connected mobile device.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, ThirdEye Data has been in operation since 2010. The company is a global leader in big data solutions and cloud technology consulting. Their IoT solution Eyera joins several other cloud-based systems the company has developed for enterprise clients. Their customers include some of the biggest names in the technology industry as well as Fortune 500 firms, government, and law enforcement agencies. The consulting firm is known for its attention to clients’ specific needs, working with international and local development teams to produce solutions that meet the unique requirements of client business operations. For more information about the company and their range of products and services, visit

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With over 100 years of collective experience in the IT field, Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions, LLC, is a global leader in Big Data and Cloud technologies. Based in Santa Clara, California and established in 2010, the company has quickly earned a reputation for its quality, client care, and results-driven business model. Consulting, analytics, and data science centric services are a few of the many solutions the company can provide to its clients.

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