Consulting Team Uses Google Cloud Platform to Mine and Analyze Big Data to Deliver a Comprehensive Conversion Optimization Solution.

Third Eye Consulting Services and Solutions, a leading consulting and analytics expert in Big Data & Cloud solutions, is making its mark helping technology companies build Big Data applications and solutions. Providing Big Data technology expertise & solutions, Third Eye Consulting Services recently completed the development of a solution with AbsolutData, a data analytics firm, designing an application to help enterprises increase lead-to-conversion rates and increase revenue by using existing data more effectively and comprehensively.

Using AbsolutData’s “Decision Engineering” model, along with the power and flexibility of the Google Cloud Platform, Third Eye provided Big Data expertise to help design an application that enables enterprises the ability to use data and analytics not only to identify consumers, but also to optimize in real time, the channels, marketing messages and product features that influence customers’ purchasing decisions. This results in faster conversion times, higher conversion rates and smarter conversion decisions. Third Eye also recommended AbsolutData select the Google Cloud Platform, with its Google Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Datastore, and Cloud Dataflow capabilities, as the ideal infrastructure to support the demands of the application for today and for the future.

“Third Eye and their team of Big Data expert consultants played a significant role in the development of the NAVIK Converter application,” said Anil Kaul, Founder & CEO, AbsolutData. “By collaborating with their team of experts, we were able to identify revolutionary new ways of both discovering and responding to the big data being harvested.”

“It may sound cliché, but AbsolutData’s Navik Converter takes a radical new approach to Big Data analytics,” said Dj Das, Founder & CEO of Third Eye Consulting Services and Solutions, LLC. “Most big data solutions try to determine what data is available and then apply the data to a specific question or problem. This is an ineffective strategy, returning only fifty cents on every dollar the enterprise invests in traditional Big Data solutions. Navik Converter takes an entirely new approach by identifying users who are ready for conversion, choosing the optimal message for each user, and selecting a personalized outreach channel, thus helping enterprises attain maximum benefits from their Big Data.”

In the era of Big Data, many enterprises are struggling with the sheer volume of available data and how to transform all the information into intelligence they can use to make the best business decisions. Third Eye Consulting helps companies develop products and applications to optimize data results and provide valuable information to make informed decisions, resulting in tangible savings on enterprise investments in Big Data solutions.

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Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions LLC is a Santa Clara, CA based company which provides consulting, analytics & implementation services around Big Data & Cloud technologies. Third Eye has a committed team of professionals with decades of industry experiences which ensures value delivery through comprehensive IT solutions. It’s global operations aim to give its customers the best of international best practice but with a local touch. This is done through their extensive operations in the United States and India, which are carried out by business savvy technology professionals. For more information on Third Eye Consulting Services, please visit

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