Many know that “TiEcon,” the biggest conference hosted by TiE Silicon Valley that promotes the latest developments in technology and entrepreneurship, is one of the hottest tech events that happened in Santa Clara in 2016. What you may not know is that 2016 also marked a landmark year for Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions to showcase our latest innovative software to more than 4,800 attendants at this very conference, and our booth was a huge success. More than 100 guest speakers and leading minds in the tech world formed part of the audience to see Third Eye’s advanced analytics & machine learning offerings: “Eyera,” “Safera” and “Syra.”

TiEcon had many seminars on the evolution of new “IoT” technology, known as the “Internet of things” that includes the expanding network of devices that are connected over the cloud. Keynote speaker Ernest Earon was on hand to demonstrate how his agro-drone “UAV,” an unmanned aerial vehicle, is redefining grapevine cultivation. Ernest is the CTO and co-founder of PrecisionHawk, and his invention was the first UAV usable for agriculture.

Right in line with the IoT excitement, Third Eye showed presentations of Eyera, a complete IoT platform built on Microsoft Azure. Eyera manages real-time, streaming data from any number of Internet-enabled devices to help companies have better fraud detection, sales predictions, fleet analytics for transport enterprises and equipment alerts for maintenance before parts break or supplies run out.

This tech forum’s talks on Big Data discussed a variety of hot topics around the importance of data-enabled business models and how they’re changing lots of industries. Few know the massive scale of this field better than keynote speaker Dr. Rupak Biswas, the Director of Exploration Technology from the NASA Ames Research Center in California. He shared very insightful ideas that he’s learned from his work in leading the new quantum-computing projects at NASA.

It’s precisely these breakthroughs in big-data management that led Third Eye to create Syra, which makes Big Data much more valuable. Syra is a dynamic cloud-based ETL tool that extracts, transforms and loads data while moving it from one database to another. Syra does what Apache Hadoop software, non-relational databases, and other open-source analytics tools cannot. Syra does ad-hoc joins, combines data and assists with all the complex query patterns required in real-world business activities, and it’s fully compatible with Amazon Redshift and Cloudera Impala.

Finally, this convention also focused keenly on the topic of machine learning in trending technologies. The questions of how intelligent machines are becoming and what they should do for us came up in a riveting talk by keynote speaker Jeffrey Dean from Google. In his discourse titled “The Future is Now,” this Google Senior Fellow shared his special perspectives learned from leading the Google Brain research team.

Today’s freshest ideas on supervising machine learning resonated perfectly with Third Eye’s Safera product, which also caught the attention of a large number of guests at this conference. Safera builds on Microsoft Azure’s big-data computing to utilize both cloud and on-premise servers. This highly intelligent system detects patterns during its operation to continue adapting to changing scenarios in industries such as security and law enforcement. Safera’s successful deployment at various locations has helped the authorities anticipate crimes even before they occur and prepare better for impending emergency situations.

All in all, Third Eye felt proud to be at this exceptional gathering of great minds in the tech world, and we’ll be sure to join everyone there again in 2017!

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