Taking the “Oops” out of Hadoop


Hadoop has become the very backbone of enterprises working on Big Data. But as Hadoop becomes a critical component of every enterprise’s Big Data needs, its complexity to implement, maintain and develop has increased substantially. Such intricacies create a lot of productivity killers for developers and DevOps personnel. This meetup will dive deep into how enterprises can remove the Oops from their Hadoop systems in a reliable, consistent and effective manner.

The meetup discussions will focus on real-world use cases from following three key areas:

Running Proactive Ops:
Running Hadoop operations is all about optimizing workload usage and mitigating risks. The meetup will highlight how such operations can be proactively managed, reduce risks and thereby lower the cost of operations.

Developing Self-Service for BI users:
BI users consistently push the envelopes of any operational Hadoop system. The meetup will showcase a self-service system that can arm BI users with application and cluster level information which will go a long way in helping them solve any problems that they may get stuck with.

Bringing BI users and Dev Ops Personnel Closer:
Professional silos are common in any enterprise. The meetup will decipher how such silos can be eliminated by giving BI users and DevOps personnel a single screen/common language to work on complex problems together so that they can solve it quicker with their combined individual expertise – whole is usually more than the sum of individual parts.

This meetup brings use cases, concepts and ideas together by using a highly-interactive game-show!

Speakers Bio

Jeff Magnusson
As Director of Data Platform at Stitch Fix, Jeff Magnusson leads the team responsible for building a robust and scalable algorithms platform that leverages machines together with expert ­human resources to generate innovative recommendations and insights.Prior to joining Stitch Fix, Jeff managed the Data Platform Architecture group at Netflix, where he helped lead the design and open source implementation of the big data platform Netflix uses for batch computation in the AWS cloud. Jeff holds a PhD from the University of Florida, specializing in database system implementation.

Shivnath Babu
Shivnath is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Duke University and co-founder of Unravel. He brings over a decade of research experience in ease-of-use and manageability of data-intensive systems. Shivnath leads the Starfish project at Duke University that pioneered automatic Hadoop application tuning, problem diagnosis, and resource management. Shivnath has over 80 peer-reviewed publications, and has received U.S. National Science Foundation CAREER Award, HP Labs Innovation award and three IBM Faculty Awards.

Kunal Agarwal
Kunal is the co-founder of Unravel, the intelligent management platform for Big Data systems. Prior to which he has led sales and implementation of Oracle products at several Fortune 100 companies. He also co-founded Yuuze.com, a pioneer in personalized shopping and what-to-wear recommendations. Before which he helped Sun Microsystems evaluate Big Data infrastructure like Sun’s Grid Computing Engine. Kunal holds a bachelor’s in computer engineering from Valparaiso University and a M.B.A from The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

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