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 Search it !

When you search by your heart you can find anything, even god.   But now our focus is to search  everything except god .So let’s dive and get what we want

Over the globe there were hundreds of religion and millions of god exist .But Now as we are leaving in 20’s when people want to find anything problematic they can go to one common god that is google

 .And google really doing it’s job quite magnificent.

But there is problems in our common god(google) . It will returns only those things that is already stored in it. So there is a common guy who is  suffering from a problem. He has its own data in its database and want the results just like google return its result, whether we search with wrong spelling or something irrelevant or something in very weird long sentences google return it superbly .But it cant return the result from your own data base.

So Lets solve the problem of a common guy. And here comes the solution

LUCENE” A fast search engine that will return search similarly like google but there is a problem, lucene is greedy in coding and complexity and human are becoming famous for there lethargy behavior.

After using Lucene they want something more simpler , more user friendly. so they can concentrate more on response rather than spending more time on writing stuff for there response.

So as we know curiosity is the mother of invention .And to solve this problem Two new man comes into the  picture :

1)ElasticSearch  2) Solr

you can consider them as the son of Lucene they provide the same response as Lucene provide. The new thing is both the ElasticSearch and solr is basically very simple to use and very simple to write whatever you want to search from your database.

Let’s point out some common specification for both elastic search and solr :

  • Both were built on top of the Apache Lucene open source platform
  • Full-text search,
  • Handle smoothly petabytes and zettabytes of data
  • Solr :[Full-text search,Highlighting,Faceted search,Real-time indexing,Dynamic clustering,Database integration,NoSQL features and rich document handling (Word and PDF files, for example)]
  • Elasticsearch: [Distributed search,Multi-tenancy,An analyzer chain,Analytical search,Grouping & aggregation]

So the question is arises which one is better??

Solr comes before elasticsearch and it rules almost a decade but now elasticsearch leading the race .

But it’s not so complicated  both are better , its depend upon your recruitment and use cases .

Still Waiting?? Don’t Wait Search your text. Otherwise someone other, search your text

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