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Save Time, Save Money – with AI Chatbots!

The impact of the coronavirus will be felt by humankind for decades to come. It’s a very difficult time for small and medium-sized businesses to weather this storm and stay afloat. Now is the time for SMBs to dig in, consolidate their businesses further, reduce costs, and keep the lights on. They can do all that by leveraging AI technologies like Chatbots.

This on-demand webinar will delve deeper into how SMBs can grow even in these times by cutting down on customer acquisition costs, achieving higher customer engagement rates, and building a stronger brand reputation.


  • Show how AI Chatbots really are different from current day chatbots – dispel existing myths.
  • Demonstrate the AI technologies that enable these AI Chatbots – understand the technology behind.
  • See how easy it is to install and get an AI Chatbot up and running in your site – needs minimal efforts.
  • Prove how an increase in customer engagement directly results in higher sales – generate sales easily!

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Date & Time

July 09, 2020, Thursday @ 01:00 pm PST

Presented by

Dj Das
Founder & CEO of ThirdEye Data: The Makers of Syra AI Chatbot

  • Founder & CEO of ThirdEye Data, a Silicon Valley-based company delivering real-world AI solutions at Big Data Scale.
  • Senior-level Big Data & Data Science services & products executive with a global operations background.
  • Investor in Big Data startups like Aster Data (sold to Teradata), Efficient Frontier (sold to Adobe Systems), Kosmix (sold to Walmart) among others.
  • Evangelist of Big Data, Cloud & Data Science technologies. Runs a Meetup ground named “Big Data Cloud” with 4600+ members.

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