ThirdEye is pleased to announce RedisConf18 that is happening in SF next month.
ThirdEye has some passes to giveaway. Use promo code ‘SVBIGDATACLOUD‘ to register for a FREE conference pass at

Here are some of the awesome talks and speakers:

BigData, Analytics & Machine Learning (across both days)

  • Redis Streams – Salvatore Sanfillipo, Creator of Redis
  • Video Experience Operational Insights in Real Time – Aditya Vaidya, Oath Inc
  • Large Data Pipelines – Piyush Verma,
  • Time-Series Data in Real-time – TimeSeries Module, Danni Moiseyev, Redis Labs
  • Redis Analytics Use Cases – Leena Joshi, Kyle Davis, Redis Labs
  • 25 Billion Messages Per Day – Jongyeol Choi, LINE+ Corporation
  • Real-time log analytics using Probabilistic Data Structures – Srinivasan Rangarajan, Mad Street Den
  • Serving Predictions with Online Machine Learning – Harish Doddi, Datatron
  • CRDTs – From Sequential to Concurrent Executions – Carlos Baquero, HASLab
And here are the other 2 tracks:

Cloud Native & Kubernetes (Wed Apr 25)

  • Easy and repeatable Kubernetes development with Skaffold and Redis – Matt Rickard, Google
  • Your First Microservice with Kubernetes, Helm Charts, and Redis – Dan Garfield, Codefresh
  • Common Redis Use Cases for Cloud Native Apps – Nate Schutta, Pivotal
  • Redis Dev, Test, and Production with OpenShift Service Catalog – Ryan Jarvinen, Red Hat
  • Using a Redis Backend in a Serverless Application with Kubeless – Simon Bennet, Bitnami

Microservices & Serverless (Thurs Apr 26)

  • Microservices and Redis: A Match made in Heaven – Vijay Vangapandu, eHarmony
  • Event-Driven Microservices with Event Sourcing and Redis – Tom Mooney,
  • Building Lightweight Microservices Using Redis – Carlos Justiniano, Flywheel Sports
  • Global Redis Clusters in an Application Delivery Network –  Kurt Mackey,

There is so much more on the agenda, including a special party on Wed night. Check it out:

Register for the event by using promo code ‘SVBIGDATACLOUD‘ for a FREE conference pass.

Use promo code ‘SVBIGDATACLOUD’ to register for a FREE conference pass

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