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This meetup will showcase some of the most prominent real world use cases for Big Data. The conversations will include current day hot topics like predictive analytics, real time streaming analytics and historical analytics.

The presentations would be delivered by Silicon Valley based Big Data professionals, via web conferencing. Local Big Data professionals will also participate.

Attendees are requested to interact, ask questions and actively participate during the presentations. We want to have lively conversations and not a monologue!

The meetup is sponsored by Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions LLC (, a Silicon Valley based one-stop-shop for Data Engineering and Data Science services with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi.


• 11:00 am IST to 11:30 am IST
Registration & Networking

• 11:30 am IST to 12:15 pm IST
Cloud based Machine Learning Platforms – Which one to work with, when and why – AzureML, Amazon ML & Databrick’s SparkML.

An in-depth discussion about the top 3 cloud based Machine Learning platforms in the market today and will deliver a clear understanding of which of these ML platforms should be used, for what use cases, at what time of a particular data science project and the best respective features.

• 12:15 pm IST to 1:00 pm IST
Real Time Streaming Analytics over IoT Data– using Apache Spark – LIVE DEMO
Real time streaming Internet of Things data can be processed, transformed and insights can be extracted using Apache Spark framework. This discussion will go into the details of an Apache Spark application with a live demo.

• 1 pm IST to 2:00 pm IST
Lunch (for invited guests)

• 2 pm IST to 6:00 pm IST
Interview Sessions

WALK-IN Interviews would be held on July 30 and 31st at the same venue!

Third Eye is actively hiring for Core Java Engineers & Data Scientists at its Kolkata location.
Core Java Engineers –
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