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IBM Bluemix Managed Cloud Services

Raise Your Business IQ with IBM Bluemix Cognitive Services

IBM Bluemix is a modular set of cloud infrastructure services that make business more fluid, nimble, integrated – more intelligent. The Bluemix cloud computing platform isn’t just about creating or migrating apps, On-premise or off-premise implementations, or IaaS and PaaS cloud services. It brings these aspects together to solve business problems in the cloud. What was once solid is now seamless.

Cognitive computing is pushing the boundaries of enterprise intelligence. It is artificial intelligence geared at augmenting human intelligence, and it’s paving the way to the next round of possibilities for business. IBM Bluemix Cloud and its cognitive computing platform IBM Watson provide access to the widest range of cognitive technologies available today to quickly and securely build cognitive applications. ThirdEye, IBM partner and direct vendor, is actualizing IBM Watson’s possibilities for forward-thinking companies who want to gain an early lead in the cognitive computing revolution.

Undoubtedly, IBM Bluemix offers the intelligence of IBM, one of the world’s most recognizable brands, known for innovation and trust. Discover Bluemix’s cognitive functionalities with ThirdEye’s help to launch your firm into the future – before your competitors get there.

ThirdEye’s Data Science Services on IBM Bluemix and Watson

ThirdEye specializes in Watson on Bluemix, the first cognitive computing platform designed to support the development of a broad range of enterprise solutions. Watson transforms – through cloud mobility, automation efficiency, and cognition power – fundamental business givens.

IBM Watson services enable cognitive computing features using Watson’s Language, Vision, Speech and Data APIs. IBM Watson learns from experience and instruction. It combines natural language processing, machine learning, and real-time computing power to sift through massive amounts of unstructured data. Sectors benefiting include finance, insurance, banking, pharma, manufacturing, retail and oil & gas. ThirdEye eliminates Watson adoption hurdles, such as lack of:

  • Understanding of how to implement Watson services
  • Resources to adopt cognitive services reliably and cost-efficiently
  • Knowledge of how these exotic technologies stack up for business goals
  • Realization of these technologies’ full impact on your business

We power your firm with Watson Developer Cloud components that together unlock data potential.

AlchemyLanguage on IBM Watson

AlchemyLanguage is Watson’s natural language processing service for advanced text analysis. We take it beyond pre-trained features to create a model customized to use cases such as:

  • Understanding the causes behind negative and positive reviews
  • Tracking key industry events such as acquisitions and new competitors
  • Tailoring recommended content and ads to content on the page

Consult ThirdEye about how to train your systems to recognize meaning and gain language cognition.

Conversation on IBM Watson

Watson Conversation enables applications that understand natural-language input and use machine learning to respond to customers in a way that simulates human conversation. Users interact with your application through your user interface: chat window, mobile app, or robot with a voice interface. Watson Conversation supports a growing number of languages and can be used to:

  • Answer questions
  • Open tickets
  • Update account information
  • Place orders

Engage our expertise to develop a Watson Conversation solution that meets your communication needs. When your customers ask and data answers, that’s ThirdEye putting Conversation to work for you.

Other Watson Developer Components We Deploy

  • Document Conversion converts various types of documents – HTML, PDF, and Microsoft™ Word documents – into formats that can be understood by Watson services, such as Retrieve and Rank.
  • Retrieve and Rank enhances information retrieval, from massive collections of documents, using a combination of search and machine learning, and can be programmed to improve results.
  • Language Translator can be customized based on your unique terminology or language and trained to provide better translation accuracy – use it to present news from across the globe in your language or communicate with customers in their language.
  • Natural Language Classifier understands the intent behind text and returns a corresponding classification with a confidence score – use it to answer questions in a contact center, create chatbots, categorize volumes of written content, or suggest a relevant product.

Integrate Watson Analytics for Smarter Applications

Watson Analytics is a data analysis and visualization service that delivers the benefits of cognitive analytics without the complexity. You can interact with data conversationally to display results. Consult ThirdEye on using Watson Analytics to get data answers to business questions.

Use Watson IoT Platform to Build IoT Solutions That Think

Watson IoT simplifies cognitive IoT development. It has solutions for industries (automotive, electronics, insurance, manufacturing, retail) and applications (asset management, facilities management, product development). Watson IoT connects sensors with devices and IoT data with cognitive computing to:

  • Create applications quickly, monitor regularly, deploy rapidly
  • Enhance customer service while reducing operating costs
  • Improve performance, safety and efficiency

ThirdEye adds more value: cross-platform experience in Data Engineering & Data Science projects, innovative strategies, solution customization and reliability. We know what customers want, what questions to ask, how to make it happen and overcome challenges – technical or company politics-related. Contact us now for tangible Watson solutions that fulfill business goals.

Cognitive technology may be the ultimate equalizer – leveling the playing field for those who know how to leverage it. Its mind-boggling possibilities are accelerating at full speed to disrupt industry landscapes and the way business is done. As progress won’t stop for those sitting by the sidelines, don’t wait till you find yourself guessing how your competitors did it. Partner with us instead to chart out your cognitive technology roadmap. We show you the way to your agile destination with complete confidence that even if the questions change, data reliably answers.

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