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How to Get Higher Conversions using
AI-based Chatbots

Webinar on
5th September 2018
@ 12:30 pm PDT


How To Get Higher Conversions Using AI-based Chatbots

Enterprises have a new friend that saves them time, effort, and money – Chatbots!
Chatbots are being adopted by enterprises in all aspects of their daily business needs. As technologies and terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning become everyday vernacular, expectations out of Chatbots are wild and sometimes unrealistic, just as it is with every new technology.

You’ve probably come across blogs, articles, videos, presentations touting how easy it is to develop and launch your own Chatbots. And that’s true – developing and launching Chatbots is super easy and hardly takes any time. But no one tells you how exactly will your Chatbot help convert your site visitors to actual buyers?

Most currently deployed Chatbots are not successfully able to answer the questions that your site visitors ask, and most of the time, their answers are not very accurate or relevant. Their handling of the interaction may be so disruptive that it may actually cause the site visitor to drop off from your site, defeating the whole purpose of installing Chatbots on your site. These Chatbots are not AI-based!

This short 30-minutes webinar shows exactly how to leverage AI- based Chatbots to turn this around – and make sure that your Chatbot is actually useful and helping to increase the engagement factor on your site.

This webinar will focus on how to make the Chatbots work for enterprises, the does and don’ts, the gotchas and oops – irrespective of the technology platform used for building and deploying these Chatbots.

5th September 2018

12:30 pm PDT

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