Learning Solutions for the US market – through SiyonaTech

The Learning solutions market continues to expand as organizations look to leverage their most important resources – their people – through the right knowledge and skills to maintain a competitive advantage. There is greater interest in Digital Learning solutions as it allows companies to reach their audiences more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional means of learning. The Covid situation has helped highlight and accelerates the adoption of Digital Learning as it’s currently the only way for companies to skill their populations working from home.

But just providing digital learning is not enough in a world where learners are constantly bombarded with an overdose of content from different directions and conflicting demands on time. There is a need for fresh and unique approaches to capturing learners’ attention and imagination while delivering results. This is where highly customized approaches such as storytelling, gamification, themes delivered through a range of technologies including eLearning, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Performance support make a huge impact. Also, combining the data side of the picture so that the impact is measurable.

That’s where a partnership between a Big Data company and an eLearning leader could make a real difference in the digital learning market.

ThirdEye Data and SiyonaTech announce a partnership to sell learning solutions in the US market.

SiyonaTech is an award-winning digital learning and performance solutions company headquartered in Europe. With leading-edge solutions such as eLearning, gamification, immersive technologies such as AR & VR, it services both the private and public sector clients such as Novartis, NATS, National Crime Agency, Dell, etc and has won multiple awards both in the USA and Europe for its work. With its values of grace and happiness, it strives to conduct business gracefully and looks for happy outcomes for all stakeholders.

Third Eye is a consulting service providing company. Our Big Data consulting services help organizations transform knowledge into tactical insights for more informed, timelier business decisions. Our consultants bring extensive experience and industry-specific best practices for tackling virtually any BI challenge. Through Big Data Technologies, we solve your 3V data problems – Volume, Velocity, and Variety – but go beyond that to deliver the 4th V: ‘Value’. Further, our state-of-the-art Global Delivery centers in the US and India offer cost-effective access to leading IT resources essential for focused technical development and delivery.

“The partnership with ThirdEye Data enables us to bring our world-class solutions to the US market and provide a local point of service for our US customers” – Sambit Mohapatra, CEO of SiyonaTech.

“The US market is in dire need of a learning Solution. SiyonaTech has the best in class knowledge in this field. We are happy to offer them the local point of service to serve the US customers with world class eLearning solutions” – Dj Das, Founder & CEO of ThirdEye Data.

Overall, this partnership will benefit US customers in various ways. The eLearning solutions will provide strategically planned courses, which will help individuals and enterprises collectively.

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