Keeping the lights on in the times of Coronavirus – ThirdEye has a plan!

Over the past few weeks, the word as we know it has become unrecognizable. The impact of the coronavirus, a pandemic turned global economic recession, will be felt by humankind for decades to come, and ThirdEye wants to do its part to help. 

Here is our action plan:

First, we, at ThirdEye, pledge to donate a portion of all revenues that we generate this quarter (April to June 2020) to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund. We will promote CDP’s events across all our social media channels to help spread the word and inform vulnerable citizens.

Second, ThirdEye has also developed these data visualizations that interprets raw data from the coronavirus and is accessible to the greater public. 

And lastly, to accommodate the financial strain of the coronavirus, ThirdEye is introducing Flexible Engagement Models. Enabling businesses to keep their lights on, they can still execute on planned data projects, keeping payment reasonable and minimal. No long terms commitments, no lengthy project plans, no fuss. All engagement models are fulfilled by our skilled data scientists, data engineers, and cloud developers, securely working from their remote locations.

We thank you for continuing to support our company and hope you stay safe in these unprecedented times. ThirdEye is doing everything we can to help our employees, our clients, our patrons, and the greater global community.

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