IoT Real Life Production Use Cases


This is a special meetup for Internet of Things (IoT) Use Cases.

The IoT landscape is maturing with established market leaders announcing platforms for dealing with IoT data. Enterprises have deployed solutions in production. 2016 would be a bigger year with further adoption.

We, at Big Data Cloud felt that this is the opportune moment to discuss about such real life in-production IoT related use cases.

In this meetup, we will specifically discuss the technologies involved, the development and deployment strategies and any gotchas or don’ts.
(Absolutely no product,marketing or sales pitches)



6:00 – 6:30 pm:
Registration and Snacks.

6:30 – 7:30 pm:
IoT for Building Energy Efficiency and Workplace Optimization

Lighting is paving the path to enable IoT in commercial buildings : With sensors at every light fixture, an IOT sensor network can deliver energy savings for lighting and HVAC while uploading occupancy data to the cloud to enable sophisticated workplace utilization applications.

Company Info:
Enlighted ( smart energy solutions for commercial environments, saving customers energy while improving the comfort of workspaces and the efficiency of the people who work in them.

Neeraj Purandareis the Vice President in charge of Product Management at Enlighted.
Bo Ericsson is a Sr. Staff Engineer at Enlighted, leading Data Applications using analytics, and big data in the cloud.

7:30 – 8:30 pm:
IoT Solution for Real Time Streaming Data
Technical deep dive with live demo of an IoT solution for real time streaming data.

Sensor data from refrigerated trucks travelling on US highways are tracked for various parameters. The streaming data is analyzed for insights in real time. Predictions are made in real time about the possibility of food going bad.
The live demo will show this use cases, end-to-end with detailed explanations of every step.
The IoT solution is based in Microsoft Azure technologies like Azure Streaming Analytics, Event Hubs and Azure Machine Learning.

Dj Das ( a senior-level product & consulting services executive with global operations background. He founded Third Eye Consulting Services ( to deliver Big Data consulting services. He also runs a popular Bay area monthly meetup, Big Data Cloud. Prior to this, he held various business development and technical roles in companies like LG CNS America, Siebel Systems & Microsoft among other Bay area startups.

8:30 – 9:00 pm:
Q&A and Networking

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