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This report has an in-depth investigation by Deutsche Bank about the Google Cloud Platform and how it compares against the more established competitors, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Third Eye participated in the due diligence process and is mentioned in the report.

Deutsche Bank states:

We estimate GCP is at a $400m revenue run-rate, likely growing faster than AWS/Azure but off a much smaller base (AWS may be over 20x larger than GCP). GCP represents just one component of Google’s broader “Enterprise Cloud” revenues, a roughly $3 billion revenue stream in 2016 now being managed by Diane Greene (the other $2B+ from Google Apps For Work). Compute Engine is likely now the largest revenue generator at GCP, followed by App Engine and the smaller but popular Data Analytics services. While GCP is definitely coming from behind, it has secured some high-profile new clients of late. On the Apple “win” that many media sources highlighted last week, we believe that the reported nature of the deal (Apple “dumping” AWS for GCP) and the size have been exaggerated and that recent moves by some high- volume public cloud customers (like Netflix) to embrace a multi-cloud model is more about risk management than it is an indictment of AWS. Separately, not a single source flagged the likelihood of a “price war”, although many noted GCP’s billing per minute as cheaper.

Read the complete report. Download it here!

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