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IBM Cloud Private
for Data (ICP4D)

Managed Services Charges

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ICP4D Managed Services Charges

ThirdEye offers an all-inclusive charging model so that enterprises don’t get unexpected items in their monthly bills. The charges for ThirdEye’s Managed Services for ICP4D are an add-on and mimic exactly the charges incurred by the enterprise to host their ICP4D cluster on the Amazon AWS cloud.

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  • These charges are only indicative of charges that the customer may incur on a monthly basis.
  • They are provided with the sole intention of providing a sense of expenses that will be incurred by the customer for hosting and managing ICP4D clusters.
  • Actual charges will vary as per actual customer’s requirements.


  • The charges for ThirdEye’s Managed Services will mimic exactly the charges incurred by the customer to host the ICP4D cluster on the AWS cloud.
Any discounts or concessions provided by IBM exclusively for the customer’s hosting charges will not reflect in ThirdEye’s charges.
  • ThirdEye’s charges will be based on regular AWS pricing – On-Demand or Reserved.
  • ThirdEye will give the same discounts as given by AWS for longer term contracts.
  • Per the ICP4D specs, if an identical server match is not found on AWS, then the charges for the server on AWS at the next level up would be used for charge calculations.


The Region is US East (N. Virginia).

Master Nodes are Compute Optimized C5 Instances 

C5 instances are optimized for compute-intensive workloads and deliver cost-effective high performance at a low price per compute ratio.

Worker Nodes are General Purpose M5 Instances 

M5 instances are the latest generation of General Purpose Instances. This family provides a balance of compute, memory, and network resources, and is a good choice for many applications.

DB2DW Node is Memory Optimized R5 instances 

R5 instances deliver 5% additional memory per vCPU than R4 and the largest size provides 768 GiB of memory. In addition, R5 instances deliver a 10% price per GiB improvement and a ~20% increased CPU performance over R4.

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