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ThirdEye's ICP4D Managed Services

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data (ICP4D) unlocks the value of an organization’s data for an AI and multi-cloud world. It accelerates AI adoption and transforms how businesses operate with an open, extensible platform that runs on any cloud.

ThirdEye Data provides full managed services for IBM Cloud Private for Data (ICP4D) platform. It leverages its broad technical strengths and deep expertise on IBM technology stack to be the best ICP4D managed services provider in the market.

Seasoned Expertise

ThirdEye has demonstrated expertise on 
IBM Cloud Private & 
IBM Cloud Private for Data by working with marquee customers in government and banking industries.

  • Worked on setting up an ICP cluster in manual and automated modes which include setup of boot-master, management, proxy, and multiple worker nodes.
  • Integrated GlusterFS and NFS storage system with ICP.
  • Worked on Calico network policies to secure Pod-to-Pod communications.
  • Worked on setting up Prometheus based monitoring 
of the ICP cluster.
  • Setup of a complete Microservices based architecture using SpringBoot and leveraging Netflix OSS and ‘service URL’ option of ICP cluster.
  • Ansible based automated setup of ICP cluster.
  • YAML based manual deployments of Microservices onto the ICP cluster.
  • CI / CD pipeline setup using Atlassian BitBucket as VCS, Bamboo as the automation tool, JFrog Artifactory as binary repository and Helm as the deployment package manager.

Get Managed Services for ICP4D

    Included Services

    • Unlimited Service Requests
    • Unlimited Setup & Installations
    • Regular OS and Patch Management
    • Full Support during Client’s Business hours
    • Cloud based Tickets Management System to track tickets statuses.


    • Max of 3 hours to pick up a Support Request
    • Max of 3 days to close any Support Request (also depends on IBM Product Support team’s response times).

    Optional Paid Services

    • Perform Backups & Disaster Recovery.
    • Onboarding customer’s business applications.
    • Data pipeline setup, and automation.
    • Data cleansing, transformations & enrichment.
    • Designing & developing advanced analytics
      – batch, real-time and/or predictive analytics.
    • In-person and/or phone based support.

    All-Inclusive Charges

    – modeled on Amazon AWS consumption.


    Customers Responsibilities

    • Responsible for all AWS charges for hosting an ICP4D cluster on AWS.
    • Purchase ICP4D product licenses, Add-ons product licenses (if add-ons are required) and DB2WH licenses (if required).
    • Purchase ICP4D Product Support licenses (as applicable).
    • Provide an AWS IAM user with all necessary permissions to create AWS resources like EC2, VPC, Load Balancer, Elastic IP, Security groups, S3 buckets etc.
    • Provide database connection details & data sets for data transformation and analytics projects.
    • Provide LDAP server, LDAP url & port, a LDAP user and password with all necessary permissions like “user lookup”.
    • Responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. For Ex: Guidelines for GDPR regulations.

    IBMs Responsibilities

    • Provide full product support, as applicable.
    • Professionally hand-off client to ThirdEye as and when needed.
    • Educate ThirdEye about client’s hardware and software environment, working principles, and stakeholder’s chain of responsibilities as applicable for ICP4D based projects.

    ThirdEye’s Responsibilities

    • Setup and configure ICP4D cluster on Amazon AWS.
    • Provide full support as and when required, as per the agreed upon SLAs Setup users and roles.
    • Setup LDAP connections setup.
    • Perform basic data transformations/cleansing/enrichment as minimally required to run the analytical projects. (Complex ETL jobs will be charged extra).
    • Provide full support for all ETL jobs.


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