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How Dry is My California?
Factors & Trends.

Webinar on 20th September 2018 @11:30 am PST


How Dry is My California? Factors & Trends.

California is experiencing consecutive years of drought. As of late 2017, 47% of California was experiencing exceptional drought and more than 94% of the state was facing drought conditions that ranged from severe to exceptional.

ThirdEye Data has analyzed a variety of data and information on current California drought conditions. This webinar provides a summary of California’s drought seasons from 2010-2017 with comparisons, where applicable, to previous droughts; a summary of the key regulatory requirements that at certain times limit water deliveries.

This short 30-minutes webinar shows you a visual representation on the several parameters that have affected and caused Drought in California along with the trends which every individual county follows on Drought Behavior.

Data Set Sources:

Data has been collected from the following sources :
National Climatic Data Centre
National Geophysical Data Centre
National Oceanographic Data Centre
The National Drought Mitigation Centre

20th September 2018

11:30 pm PST

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Mayukh Mazumder

  • Data Engineer at ThirdEye Data.
  • Develops, constructs, tests and maintains architectures, such as databases and large-scale processing systems.
  • Develop data set process for data modelling, mining and production.
  • Explore and examine data to find hidden patterns.