Chatbots are eating into our the world…….

While Chatbots started out as technological curiosities — pet projects of computer scientists at MIT, Stanford, and other tech havens — Chatbots are now evolving into the next big interface for doing anything and everything, from anywhere and everywhere!!

The initial appeal of messaging apps was that they offered people the ability to communicate via mobile for free, Since then, messaging apps have expanded to have a lot of cool features for connecting people. One of the main drivers of the Rise of the chatbots, of course, is the rise of 1:1 messaging. While AOL and MSN Messenger offered us a glimpse of the future with SmarterChild, messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack are now helping to elevate chatbots from interesting playthings to powerful tools.

Chatbots are rapidly gaining users as well as Screentime, by getting up-close and personal to their human counterparts. First, you must have a clear understanding of your User Personas and must have tracked their behavior in the Chatbot; now it’s time for A/B testing. The best place to start A/B testing is in the onboarding. You need to catch you audience right away, if you don’t, it’s much harder to retain them.

For thousands of years, we solved problems directly through conversation……Chatbots are a throwback to this simpler time!

Since Chatbots, in their current form, don’t provide as rich a GUI experience, their value is greatly enhanced by a conversational interface. High engagement is a byproduct of great design, solving a user problem and leveraging the unique power of the chat platform!

Do you want to learn how to build and leverage the power of a conversational chatbot in 30 minutes?

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Here, you will learn step by step how to create a Conversational Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework and Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) and enable it for any website through Web Chat channels.

  • Live Demo
  • Show how to develop Bot
  • Incorporate LUIS in Bot for natural language understanding
  • Enable Bot on website as web chat

Technologies Showcased:

  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • LUIS


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