Today, Google announced further reduction in their Cloud service offerings through this blog posting.

Google is simply staying true to the economics of computing and have reduced the pricing of their cloud services to upto 30% to reflect the reduction in pricing of the underlying hardware.

Additionally, the introduction of the Google Compute Engine Preemptible VMs which runs short-duration batch jobs at 70% cheaper than regular VMs, a great choice for many companies, including Third Eye.

Excerpts from the blog:

Compared to other public cloud providers, Google Cloud Platform is now 40% less expensive for many workloads. Starting today, we are reducing prices of all Google Compute Engine Instance types as well as introducing a new class of preemptible virtual machines that delivers short-term capacity for a very low, fixed cost. When combined with our automatic discounts, per-minute billing, no penalties for changing machine types, and no need to enter into long-term fixed-price commitments, it’s easy to see why we’re leading the industry in price/performance.


For some applications we can do even better: if your workload is flexible, our new Preemptible VMs will run your short-duration batch jobs 70% cheaper than regular VMs. Preemptible VMs are identical to regular VMs, except availability is subject to system supply and demand.

The full blog is here.