At the Hadoop Summit in Brussels, Google launched a beta version of Google Cloud Dataflow, a managed logic-processing service. The Internet giant also unveiled upgrades to its popular BigQuery analytic platform, including new European zones.

Google blogged extensively about it here.

CRN covered the release with its own article here. They interviewed Dj Das for that interview for his thoughts specifically on how those features can impact partners like Third Eye Consulting Services and will be beneficial for its customers and overall business.

The excerpts from the article is here:

Dj Das, founder and CEO of Third Eye Consulting, a Google partner based in San Francisco, told CRN that Cloud Dataflow and Big Query “are actually some of the most required products on the market.”

Third Eye has been focused on providing big data solutions since before the term was coined, Das said, and Google’s cloud delivers unrivaled power, performance and security for those applications, especially for projects not burdened by legacy architectures.

Third Eye has already been using a preliminary version for three months. The service enables a single programmer to complete a job that used to require five people to administer Hadoop, he told CRN.

“With Google Dataflow, all I need to do is create the structure in Dataflow and the Google service takes care of the processes, how to manage them, scale up and scale down,” Das said.

“It’s one of the best technologies that we’ve seen yet,” he said. “We don’t need so many administrators, people to make sure things are running properly, to manage the systems, just making it functional. Right now, I can write my code and deploy it on Google Dataflow and it takes care of the rest. How cool is that?

Read the complete article here.