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Eyera is an out-of-the-box solution for Internet of Things applications.

It is customizable to any enterprise’s use cases, scales as per its business needs and ensures the lowest TCO for developing, operating and maintaining the IoT applications.

Build your IoT solution by leveraging Eyera’s out-of-the-box modules and customizing the rest as per your specific use cases & data sets.

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Eyera – for Connected Cars

Eyera – for Connected Cars, provides best safety and service experiences to car drivers, while car manufacturers get a deeper understanding of their cars & insurance companies can charge premiums customized for a particular driver.

Eyera – for Fleet Analytics

Eyera – for Fleet Analytics, provides out-of-the-box abilities to maintain their fleets predictively, enhance driver safety and drive higher profitability with lower accidents and better driver retention policies.

Eyera embodies all functionalities of a typical IoT application

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