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Extending Enterprise Data Warehousing into the world of Big Data.

Hosted by Dj D. and Samita S.


Extending Enterprise Data Warehousing into the world of Big Data – Business Value Creation & Technical Use Cases.

An evening of presentation and fireside chat with “Dean of Big Data” Bill Schmarzo (EMC) and Big Data Strategist – Rajiv Synghal (Kaiser Permanente).

A special meetup brought to you by Big Data Cloud with the support and sponsorship from Xplain.io to showcase the real world business use cases from industry pioneers.


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Systematic approach to transition an Enterprise Data Warehouse with Big Data technologies.
Presenter: Rajiv Synghal – Kaiser Permanente

There is a tremendous pressure on the business to constantly “Transform & Evolve” itself because of competitive, regulatory and spiraling cost. Specifically, looking at new ways to perform your daily tasks – faster, better cheaper; both in terms of automating manual processes for data extraction, data alignment and extending the predictability of a operations model by using enriched data both in depth and breadth. To adopt big data technologies effectively, the business and IT organizations need to form a tight partnership and extract business context out of existing data warehouse workloads.

In this talk, Rajiv will share his experiences by selecting examples in geo-spatial industry and healthcare. He will showcase a systematic approach to demystify existing data warehousing workloads. He will also discuss the discovery of usage patterns and hidden data dependencies to help aid the business case and TCO for liberating enterprise data from traditional systems.


Big Data MBA – Business Value Creation out of Big Data.
Presenter: Bill Schmarzo
The concept behind the Big Data MBA is very simple: use business opportunities that are associated with improving your value creation processes, optimizing key business processes and uncovering new monetization opportunities to drive all of your data, data management, and analytics-related technology decisions.While the concept is simple, the work associated with putting together and executing a plan to get value out of big data requires focus and commitment. It requires understanding your targeted business initiative, how that initiative makes the organization money and how the business stakeholders will use the resulting analytic insights in their day-to-day jobs.

Bill will present his ideas to create and fine-tune mockups in order to better understand exactly how the analytics need to be implemented in a way that will make the business users most effective. And a great side benefit is that in the process, the business and IT folks will have created a relationship of working hand-in-hand to leverage big data to power big business.

A fireside chat with Bill Schmarzo and Rajiv Synghal,
Topic: Monetizing Your SQL


Q&A and Networking


About the Presenters:

Bill Schmarzo
Author, Architect, Dean of Big Data.The moniker “Dean of Big Data” may have been applied in a light-hearted spirit, but Bill’s expertise around data analytics is no joke. After being deeply immersed in the world of big data for over 20 years, he shows no signs of coming up for air.Bill speaks frequently on the use of big data, with an engaging style that has gained him many accolades. He’s presented most recently at STRATA, The Data Science Summit and TDWI, and has written several white papers and articles about the application of big data and advanced analytics to drive an organization’s key business initiatives. Prior to joining Consulting as part of EMC Global Services, Bill co-authored with Ralph Kimball a series of articles on analytic applications, and was on the faculty of TDWI teaching a course on designing analytic applications.Bill created the EMC Big Data Vision Workshop methodology that links an organization’s strategic business initiatives with supporting data and analytic requirements, and thus helps organizations wrap their heads around this complex subject.

Bill is the author of “Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business” published by Wiley.

Rajiv Synghal
Big Data Strategist, Kaiser PermanenteRajiv Synghal works in the Enterprise Architecture group of Kaiser Permanente and is responsible for Big Data Strategy for Kaiser Permanente. He led successful execution of five use cases in clinical, operations, research and Fraud Waste and Abuse space that resulted in investments to create the first common Hadoop based cluster at Kaiser Permanente. Prior to Kaiser Rajiv spent 8 years at Navteq, a division of Nokia, where he spearheaded the Enterprise Architecture group, responsible for the adoption of Hadoop. He pioneered use of Hadoop and Hbase technologies for their processing large scale probe, points of interest and street view for maps data.

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