Expand Your Business in China – Cross Border Connectivity using Alibaba Cloud


Geographical boundaries are breaking down, cultural walls are coming down, innovation curve is shooting up – thanks to the cloud platforms and the applications that are built on it. Enterprises are adopting cloud platforms by the droves as they seek to benefit from these technical innovations.

Alibaba Cloud, though a new entrant in the US market has been a dominant player in China and has been at the helm of these technical innovations for 10+ years.

Big Data Cloud presents Alibaba Cloud in this new meetup where they would present their take on building cloud applications that scale at a global level and become the backbone for global enterprises.

SMBs globally haven’t been able to leverage modern cloud-based Business Intelligence solutions to know their own businesses and able to grow leveraging data. The ClouDhiti team will present how businesses of any sizes can finally afford a modern day business intelligence solution with a use case.

6 pm PST – Registration and Networking
6:30 pm PST – Opening Remarks
6:40 pm PST – China Gateway Program Overview- By Alibaba Cloud Core Team
7:00 pm PST – Connecting Cross-region sites for efficient operations of Global Enterprises – By Alibaba Cloud Core Team
7:30 pm PST – How AI and Big Data transformed eCommerce giant Alibaba – By Alibaba Cloud Core Team
7:50 pm PST – Know and Grow Your Business based on Analytics as a Service Model – by ClouDhiti Team
8 pm PST – Wine and Snack

This event is sponsored by Alibaba Cloud and hosted by ClouDhiti Inc.