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Reference Cloud Development Projects

As various cloud platforms mature across the industry, we are seeing that most of our Data Sciences and/or Data Engineering projects are being implemented on the clouds. Cloud platforms have become our default implementation platforms.  We also have extensive experience in implementing on-premise solutions for large enterprises.
Once you fill-up the form on the right, we will instantly inbox you the complete cloud development project’s reference file.
Services We Offer Under The Cloud Development Category:
  • Implementing Cloud Infrastructure
  • Setting up Cloud Resources
  • Leveraging appropriate Native Cloud Services as per Business Needs
  • Ingesting Data at various Velocities
  • Performing Capacity Planning
  • Estimating Monthly Costs
  • Managing Cloud Expenses
  • Applying Security Policies
  • Monitoring Cloud Resources as per SLAs
  • Escalations & Notifications as per SLAs
To know more about our managed cloud services, please click here.

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