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Data Visualizations

Drought Analysis for the State of California – A Technical Report

California Drought Analysis

ThirdEye Data has analyzed a variety of data and information on the current drought conditions in California. These data visualizations provide a detailed analysis of California’s drought seasons from 2010-2017 with comparisons, where applicable, to previous droughts; a summary of the key regulatory requirements that at certain times limit water deliveries.

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Outlier Detection using Apache Spark

Gun Violence Analysis

School shootings, gang activity, armed robberies that have gone awry, desperate calls for attention, young children discovering weapons they can’t handle and simple arguments that escalate too far. Gun violence takes the lives of thousands in the United States each year. ThirdEye developed these gun violence visualizations by analyzing and correlating a variety of data and information on Gun Violence from all over the US.

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Predictive Analytics Solution

Sentiment Analysis of Elections in India 2019

This is an out-of-the-box, fully deployable predictive analytics solution that enables organizations to incorporate the power of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for mobile devices.

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