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Data Science Services from A Top Rated Data Science Consulting Company that understands Big Data.

ThirdEye Data is A Top Rated Data Science Consulting Company offering Data Science Services leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers worldwide. We implement end-to-end Big Data solutions with Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it.

Leveraging the latest trends in Data Sciences, we enable businesses to churn through petabytes of data to transform information into knowledge resulting in higher revenue generation.

ThirdEye’s Data Science Services go beyond just “business.” We know what it takes to deliver value for your business. We seek to create lasting partnerships with our customers by delivering value for money.

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Data Pipelines

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is gaining critical mass within enterprises worldwide. AI is transforming all functional areas. AI is elevating decision-making precision by creating efficiencies, saving costs and delivering new solutions to critical problems.

ThirdEye helps enterprises to participate in this AI revolution and leapfrog the competition by simply being able to take better decisions.

Data Analytics

Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) is an aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that emulates the learning approach that human beings use to gain certain types of knowledge. With the advent of Big Data technologies and the powers of Cloud Computing, the powers of DL is within the reach of every enterprise.

ThirdEye helps enterprises effectively harness DL technologies and turn them into profitable business ventures.

Data Lakes

Machine Learning

Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs and algorithms, which provides computers the ability to learn and to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed.

ThirdEye understands how best to leverage Machine Learning techniques to best solve business problems. And it uses latest Big Data technologies underneath it all.

Data Science Technologies We Work With

Open Source

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Data Science Services We Perform

  • Ingesting data from required sources

  • Preparing data for modeling purposes

  • Identifying appropriate algorithms for the use-case being worked upon

  • Developing Machine Learning Models

  • Executing the models multiple times

  • Ranking & Scoring data

  • Training & retraining models

Case Study

Extending Flash Manufacturer’s Predictive Platform

Download the case study that shows how a Flash Manufacturer’s Predictive Platform was extended to predict in real time while using 10x additional data points.

Download Case Study

Case Study

Using Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management

This case study is about an Artificial Intelligence based knowledge management system developed by ThirdEye that enables its users to identify relevant Subject Matter Experts (SME) on various topics of current interest by asking simple questions and getting a detailed response of ranked SMEs.

Download Case Study

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