Data Professionals Internship Program

Announcing the Data Professionals Internship Program for 2022

ThirdEye is pleased to announce its Data Professionals Internship Program is going to start from 1st of August 2022!

For this year, we would be opening up the program to include freshers from pan India.
The 3 months internship program includes specific tracks for Data Sciences, Data Engineering and CloudOps. Take the next step towards becoming a Full Stack Data Professional or AI Engineer.

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Latest AI and ML Project References
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Process Steps

  1. Freshers (graduating in 2022) should apply with their detailed resume and all relevant information as needed.
  2. ThirdEye would evaluate the resumes of all submitted candidates and invite selected candidates for an online screen.
  3. Upon passing the online screen, candidates would go through one HR round, one round of technical interview, and a final round for personality and attitude check.
  4. The final list of selected candidates would then be included in the internship program starting in August 2022.
  5. At end of the internship, all the interns will get the Certificate for Participation, and the final list of interns would be offered full-time positions based on their performance in the internship.

Please fill up the form on the right to get the complete information on our data professionals internship program 2022. We will instantly inbox you the file with a link to apply for the internship.


  • Only freshers who would be graduating in 2022 should apply to this program.
  • All classes would be offered in the IST time zone, with two shifts per day. The first shift would be all theory and the second shift would be hands-on exercises.

What to Gain from This 3 Months Program:

  • Learn Practical aspects of various Data Engineering & Data Science topics
  • Work on in-house AI & ML projects to get hands-on knowledge and experiences with projects on AI services & products
  • Shadow senior engineers in client projects 
  • Understand dynamics of working in professional client engagements
  • Exam and certification
  • Get full-time job offer

Get the Complete Details on Data Professionals Internship Program 2022

    After filling up the basic info, we will inbox you the detailed file of our Data Professionals Internship Program 2022. And you will be redirected to the job application page on Zoho to apply for the internship.

    Earn Certificates & Badges

    Get Certificates for Completing the Internship

    All candidates who complete this 3 months internship program will get authentic certificates that can be publicly verified! You can use these certificates to show off on your resume and get anyone to validate your certificate for its authenticity.

    You can also earn badges for extraordinary and outstanding performances during this program. As you perform better, you scale up the ladder to claim your spot on the leaderboard!

    ThirdEye’s Vision

    India, the country of dreamers and achievers, is ThirdEye’s chosen home for delivering world-class analytical solutions and products.  ThirdEye’s solutions and products leverage the latest and the greatest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning technologies unleashed to its fullest potential for scale and volume by Big Data technologies.  We are on a mission to develop world-class data professionals in India for a data-centric world.

    Work Culture

    We have a simple work policy here – Love what you do, and the rest becomes easy!
    We take care of everything so that you can focus on doing what you love. We have the best compensation package in the industry. The salary package has no upper-limit for deserving candidates. Compensation includes medical insurance, an open leave policy, and a Silicon-valley style work culture where innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are cherished & revered.

    Come on aboard – the sky is the limit!