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Products from ThirdEye

Leveraging the knowledge and experiences gained by ThirdEye over the years by working on various projects, ThirdEye has released these products for enterprises worldwide.


Eyera is an out-of-the-box solution for Internet of Things applications.


Safera is a Predictive Analytics Platform for Crime Analytics & Predictions.


Syra delivers Custom Chatbots for Enterprises to engage meaningfully with site visitors.

Open Source Solutions from ThirdEye

Anomaly Detection in Web Server Logs

Anomaly Detection in Web Server Logs

This solution allows companies to gain hidden insights into their websites that would otherwise require up to ten times the effort and significant costs, through this one-click deployable solution for Anomaly Detection in web server logs.

Outlier Detection using Apache Spark

Anomaly Detection using Apache Spark

This is an Apache Spark based anomaly detection implementation for data quality, cybersecurity, fraud detection, and other such business use cases. The Machine Learning algorithms with advanced analytics processes not only detect anomalies and outliers..

Predictive Analytics Solution

Predictive Analytics Solution

This is an out-of-the-box, fully deployable predictive analytics solution that enables organizations to incorporate the power of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for mobile devices.

ThirdEye Data

AI Solutions

ThirdEye leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers worldwide.