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Products from ThirdEye

Leveraging the knowledge and experiences gained by ThirdEye over the years by working on various projects, ThirdEye has released these products for enterprises worldwide.


Eyera is an out-of-the-box solution for Internet of Things applications.

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Safera is a Predictive Analytics Platform for Crime Analytics & Predictions.

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Syra delivers Custom Chatbots for Enterprises to engage meaningfully with site visitors.

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Data Products from ThirdEye

AI Chatbots

Syra delivers domain-aware, contextual conversational AI based Chatbots. Site visitors can now be engaged contextually and meaningfully.

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Out-of-the-box IoT Solutions

Eyera is customizable to any enterprise’s use cases, scales as per its business needs and ensures the lowest TCO for developing, operating and maintaining the IoT applications.

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Crime Analytics & Predictions

Safera is a Predictive Analytics Platform on which Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies can rely to detect, analyze and predict crime.

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ThirdEye Data

AI Solutions

ThirdEye leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers worldwide.

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