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Our Dream

ThirdEye Data is a Silicon Valley (California, USA) based company that delivers end-to-end Data & AI turkey solutions for customers worldwide. ThirdEye leverages the latest and greatest Data & AI technologies for the implementation of these solutions for customers like Walmart, Microsoft, Southern California Edison, and Xperi among a host of other companies worldwide.

The dream is to develop a community of Data & AI professionals who can get an opportunity to participate in these real-world end-to-end projects, get hands-on experiences in the latest Data & AI technologies and transform themselves into world-class professionals.

Your Passion

Your passion for Data & AI technologies runs deep, and you have spent hours feeding your passion, from YouTube videos to Coursera courses! Now, its time you fuel your passion by getting hands-on experiences by working on real-world projects.

By joining this Data & AI Professionals Community, you will also get to know about the latest and greatest technical events delivered by ThirdEye Data, often in participation with reputed institutions and businesses in US and India.

Take charge of your career, and become an industry-grade Data & AI professional by leveraging knowledge as your secret weapon!

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All attendees of the Data & AI Workshops will get authentic certificates that can be publicly verified! You can use these certificates to show off on your resume and get anyone to validate your certificate for its authenticity. 

You can also earn badges for answering questions related to these workshops. As you answer more, you scale up the ladder to claim your spot on the leaderboard! 

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As a member of this community, you will get FREE access to all our upcoming workshops, webinar, and events. You will also get recordings of our previous events.

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When opportunity knocks, be sure to open the door! Be the first to know about the various full-time jobs and internship opportunities that ThirdEye comes up with.

Technical Documents

Enhance your skills, be in the know and get hands-on with your theoretical knowledge.
Get technical documents, presentations, eBooks, videos, and podcasts in this community portal.

Experts' Columns

What matters is the company that you keep. Be in the company of industry veterans, hands-on practitioners, and technical architects from Silicon Valley (California, USA) and India in this community portal.

Let Knowledge Be Your Secret Weapon!

If you have the right attitude, half the battle is already been won. ThirdEye is seeking talented individuals who have a thirst for learning, bring in a can-do attitude, and are ready to walk the extra mile

Let Team ThirdEye guide you toward the right path in your career. Ask questions on AI ML technologies, career prospects, trends, or other topics. Everyone needs a mentor!

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ThirdEye Data has delivered end-to-end solutions to Fortune 100 companies
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