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ThirdEye Data Core Competencies in IBM Technology Stack

IBM Cloud Private

ThirdEye has worked on the community edition of IBM Cloud Private – a fully-featured Kubernetes-based platform that runs on any infrastructure.

  • Worked on setting up a ICP cluster in manual and automated modes which include setup of boot-master, management, proxy and multiple worker nodes.
  • Integrated GlusterFS and NFS storage system with ICP.
  • Worked on Calico network policies to secure Pod-to-Pod communications.
  • Worked on setting up Prometheus based monitoring of the ICP cluster.
  • Setup of a complete Microservices based architecture using SpringBoot and leveraging Netflix OSS and ‘service URL’ option of ICP cluster.
  • Ansible based automated setup of ICP cluster.
  • YAML based manual deployments of Microservices onto the ICP cluster.
  • CI / CD pipeline setup using Atlassian BitBucket as VCS, Bamboo as the automation tool, JFrog Artifactory as binary repository and Helm as the deployment package manager.


IBM Bluemix & Watson

ThirdEye has leveraged IBM Bluemix and Watson Services in the following ways:

  • Cloudant and DashDb as backend databases for web applications
  • Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for user interactions.
  • Watson Assistant for chatbot development.
  • Cloud Foundry Application for serverless architecture.
  • Language Translator service to support multilingual applications.
  • Document Extractor to extract entities from documents.
  • Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS) to build custom NLU model.
  • IBM Internet of Things (IoT) to read data from sensors.
  • Social Media Analytics to understand sentiments.
  • Node Red Application to push data from IoT device to Cloudant Database.


IBM Streams & WebSphere

ThirdEye’s team has worked on IBM WebSphere in the following ways:

  • IBM Streams as the Streaming Analytics platform
  • IBM Websphere as the application server to deploy Java EE based web applications.
  • IBM Portal Server as the portal server to deploy portlets.
  • IBM MessageBroker as messaging hub.