Cloud advisorProvides analysis of cloud resource configuration and security so subscribers can ensure they use best practices
and optimum configurations.
Trusted Advisor Advisor Advisory Services
Deployment orchestration
Configures and operates applications of all shapes and sizes, and provides templates to create and manage a collection of resources.OpsWorks (Chef-based) Automation Cloud Deployment Manager IBM Cloud Automation
Provides a way for users to automate manual, longrunning, error-prone, and frequently repeated IT tasks.CloudFormation Resource Manager
VM extensions |
Cloud Deployment Manager
Management & monitoring
A unified console that simplifies building, deploying, and managing cloud resources.CloudWatch Portal |
Cloud Console IBM Cloud
An extensible analytics service that helps users understand the performance and usage of their live web application.CloudWatch Application Insights + Monitor Monitoring |
Error Reporting |
An extensible application performance management service for web developers on multiple platforms.X-Ray Application Insights + Monitor Monitoring |
Error Reporting |
Services to help generate, monitor, forecast, and share billing data by time, organization, or product resources.Usage and Billing Report Billing API Cloud Billing API
A unified management console that simplifies building, deploying, and operating cloud resources.Management Console Portal |
Cloud Console IBM Cloud
Connect with Azure using an authenticated, browserbased shell experience that’s hosted in the cloud and accessible from virtually anywhere.Cloud Shell |Cloud Shell |
Cloud SDK
AdministrationProvides deeper insights into application and workloads by collecting, correlating, and visualizing all machine data, such as event logs and more.Application Discovery Service Log Analytics in Operations
Management Suite
Logging |
Log Analysis
Enables continuous IT services and compliance through process automation and configuration management.Systems Manager Microsoft Operations
Management Suite—Automation
and Control functionalities
Provides detailed information about the health of resources as well as recommended actions for maintaining resource health.Personal Health Dashboard Resource Health Monitoring
Standalone app from Microsoft that allows users to easily work with Azure Storage data on the OS of your choice.Third PartyStorage Explorer

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