Internet of ThingsProvides a preconfigured solution for monitoring,
maintaining, and deploying common IoT scenarios.
IoT Other Services (Kinesis, Machine Learning, EMR, Data Pipeline, SNS, QuickSight)IoT Suite (IoT Hub, Machine
Learning, Stream Analytics,
Notification Hubs, Power BI)
Cloud IoT Core Internet of Things Platform
A cloud gateway for managing bi-directional communication with billions of IoT devices securely and at scale.IoT Core |
IoT Device Management
IoT Hub
Infrastructure and modules to create IoT gateway solutions.Greengrass IoT Edge
Triggers functions to perform an action.IoT 1-Click Functions |
+ Logic Apps
Cloud Functions
Secures your IoT device deployedIoT Device Defender Security Center
Provides advanced data analytics of data collected from your IoT devices.IoT Analytics Time Series Insights |
+ ML | +
Stream Analytics
Cloud Dataflow
An operating system for microcontrollers that is easy to program and manage.FreeRTOS
Streaming dataAllows mass ingestion of small data inputs, typically from devices and sensors, to process and route data.Event Hubs |
Event Hubs Capture
Cloud Pub/Sub

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