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Conversational user interfaces
virtual personal assistant
Suite that covers intelligence cognitive services, machine
learning, analytics and more.
Alexa Skills Kits Cortana Intelligence Suite —
Cortana Integration
Cloud AI Watson
Builds and connects intelligent bots that interact with users via text messaging, Skype, Teams, Slack, Twitter and other popular collaboration services.Lex Microsoft Bot Framework + Bot
Dialogflow Enterprise Edition Watson Virtual Agent / Conversation |
Speech recognitionAPI capable of converting speech to text, understanding intent, and converting text back to speech for natural responsiveness.Lex Bing Speech API Cloud Speech API Speech to Text
Allows applications to understand user commands contextually.Lex Language Understanding
Intelligent Service (LUIS)
Cloud Natural Language Natural Language Understanding
Gives the app the ability to recognize individual speakers.Speaker Recognition API
Fine-tunes speech recognition to eliminate barriers such as speaking style, background noise, and vocabulary.Custom Recognition Intelligent
Service (CRIS)
Cloud Speech API
Text to SpeechEnables speech-to-text.Polly Bing Speech API Text to Speech
Speech to TextEnables converting speech to text.Transcribe Bing Speech API Cloud Speech API Speech to Text
Text translationEnables language translation automation.Translate Translator Text API |
+ Emotions
Cloud Translation API Language Translator
Text analysisCapabilities such as key phrases, languages and sentiment analysis.Comprehend Text Analytics API Cloud Natural Language Tone Analyzer
Visual recognitionDistills actionable information from images, generates captions, and identifies objects in images.Rekognition Computer Vision API |
+ Face API
Cloud Vision API Visual Recognition
Detects, identifies, analyzes, organizes, and tags faces in photos.Face API Cloud Vision API Visual Recognition
Recognizes emotions in images.Emotions API Cloud Vision API Visual Recognition
Intelligent video processing which produces stable video output, detects motion, creates intelligent thumbnails, detects and tracks faces.Rekognition Video Media Analytics |
+ Video Indexer
Cloud Video Intelligence Visual Recognition
Allows developers to take advantage of machine learning models already deployed to the device.DeepLens

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