Relational databaseSQL Database is a high-performance, reliable, and secure database you can use to build data-driven applications and websites, without needing to manage infrastructure.RDS SQL Database including
PostgreSQL, MySQL and
Cloud SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL DB2
NoSQL—document storageA globally-distributed, multi-model database that natively supports multiple data models: key-value, documents, graphs, and columnar.DynamoDB |
Cosmos DB Google Cloud Datastore Cloudant
NoSQL—key/value storageA non-relational data store for semi-structured data.DynamoDB |
and SimpleDB
Table Storage Google Cloud Datastore |
Google Cloud Bigtable
Compose for ScyllaDB
CachingAn in-memory–based, distributed-caching service that
provides a high-performance store typically used to offload non-transactional work from a database.
ElastiCache Redis Cache Memcache Compose for Redis
Database migrationFocuses on migration of database schema and data from one database format to a specific database technology in the cloud.Database Migration Service Database Migration Service |
+ Data Migration Assistant
IBM Lift |
Mass Data Migration

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