Virtual serversAllows users to deploy, manage, and maintain OS and server software; instance types provide configurations of CPU/RAM.Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) | VMsVirtual Machines Virtual Machines Virtual Servers |
Bare Metal Servers
Offers a lightweight, simplified product offering users can choose from when building out a virtual machine.Lightsail Virtual Machine Images Virtual Machine Images Virtual Server Images
Container managementSupports Docker/Kubernetes containers and allows users to run applications on managed instance clusters.EC2 Container Service (ECS) |
EC2 Container Service
Kubernetes (EKS)
Container Service |
Container Service Kubernetes
Google Kubernetes Engine Container Service 
Allows customers to store Docker formatted images. Used to create all types of container deployments on Azure.EC2 Container Registry Container RegistryGoogle Cloud Container Registry Container Registry 
Allows customers to spin up container instances at will without any additional installation of underlying
infrastructure or hosts.
FargateContainer Instances
Orchestrates and manages the execution, lifetime, and
resilience of complex, interrelated code components
that can be either stateless or stateful.
Service FabricCloud Foundry 
Backend process logicIntegrates systems and runs backend processes
in response to events or schedules without
provisioning or managing servers.
Lambda Functions |
Event Grid
Cloud Functions
Job orchestrationWhen processing across hundreds or thousands of compute nodes, this tool orchestrates the tasks and interactions between compute resources that are necessary.BatchBatch
ScalabilityAutomatically changes the number of instances providing a compute workload. Users set defined metrics and thresholds that determine if the platform adds or removes instances.Auto Scaling Virtual Machine Scale Sets |
App Service Scale Capability |
Google App Engine Auto Scaling 
Pre-defined templatesCommunity-led templates for creating and deploying virtual machine-based solutions.Quick StartQuickStart templates and
Time syncEnables customers to access time servers from within the cloud network.Time Sync Service

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