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Predicting Covid-19 Viral Infections using Contact Data with LSTM Neural Network

By | 2021-06-17T12:16:39+00:00 August 20th, 2020|Big Data, Covid19, Data Sciences, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Pranab Ghosh, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Python, Pytorch, Top Picked, Viral Infections|

With Covid-19 ravaging the world, a lot of people are exploring ways AI and ML can help in combating the virus spread and infection. Viruses like Covid-19  is a complex socio-economic and public health [...]

Cassandra Range Query Made Simple

By | 2019-01-02T08:56:51+00:00 November 28th, 2018|Pranab Ghosh|

In Cassandra, rows are hash partitioned  by default. If you want to data sorted by some attribute, column name sorting feature of Cassandra is usually exploited. If you look at the Cassandra slice range [...]

Hive Plays Well with JSON

By | 2018-11-28T11:08:04+00:00 November 28th, 2018|Pranab Ghosh|

Hive Plays Well with JSON Hive is an abstraction on Hadoop Map Reduce. It provides a SQL like interface for querying HDFS data, whch accounts for most of it’s popularity.  In Hive, table structured data [...]

Data Normalization with Spark

By | 2019-01-02T07:34:58+00:00 November 27th, 2018|Pranab Ghosh|

Data Normalization with Spark Data normalization is a required data preparation step for many Machine Learning algorithms. These algorithms are sensitive to the relative values of the feature attributes. Data normalization is the process of bringing all the [...]

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