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Cannabis Data Analytics

The past decade has marked cannabis’ increasingly prominent role in medicine, as the drug skyrockets in usage due to its vast legalization and new understanding of its health benefits. Many states across the United States, leading with California, have legalized and begun to dispense cannabis’ recreational and medicinal use, opening up a never-before-tapped market and huge segment of economic opportunity. The data analytics of the emerging cannabis industry reveals telling and useful insights on its market growth and promises a bright future for the industry.

ThirdEye’s Speciality in Cannabis Data Analytics

As businesses and corporations scramble to meet the demands and anticipated growth, the industry is lagging behind in a critical area – use of data analytics to deeply understand the nuts and bolts of their market and substantiate their growth with tangible insights.

ThirdEye Data has taken the initiative to provide cannabis data intelligence in order to implement analytical solutions and insight into businesses. With the help of ThirdEye, companies in the cannabis industry can quantify their groundbreaking impact on medicine and expand their sights on creating a profitable and stable industry.

All data for developing these dashboards was culled from the Cannabis Stats Hub maintained by the Canadian Government.

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