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How To Build And Train Your Chatbot With IBM Watson Conversations (Live Demo)

Following the overwhelming success of “Watson” on the popular American TV Game Show “Jeopardy”, IBM has dedicated itself to improving the technology available and the experience around building conversational applications through Smart Conversational Chatbots, or “Smartbots”!
It’s a reality that businesses today are all fired-up for a Bot explosion. We have the technologies available as users are demanding better experiences, and companies are looking for newer ways to optimize their business performance.
Are you ready for IBM Watson Conversations?
IBM Watson Conversation Services allows you to quickly build, test and deploy a bot or virtual agent across mobile devices, messaging platforms like Slack or even on a physical robot. The combination of the following capabilities makes Watson unique:
  1. Natural language Understanding and classification for advanced text analysis.
  2. Hypothesis generation and evaluation.
  3. Evidence-based learning.
  4. Ability to develop custom annotation models using Watson Knowledge Studio. 

Cognitive systems like IBM Watson Conversation learn through user interactions and deliver evidence based responses driving better outcomes.

IBM’s Watson Conversation Service and the Natural Language Classifier Service makes the difficult task of automatically understanding and responding to customers as simple as possible. IBM Watson Conversation has a visual dialog builder to help you create natural conversations between your apps and users, without any coding experience required!
This webinar will showcase step-by-step to how to build a Bot from scratch. IBM Watson Conversation’s intuitive user interface means you don’t have to write long lines of code or have any machine learning background.


  • Show step-by-step to how to develop a Chatbot using IBM Watson Conversation
  • Incorporate Natural Language Classifier
  • Integrate everything on a IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform
  • Live Demo
Aldrine Fernandez – Third Eye Consulting Services
Anjan Paul – Third Eye Consulting Services
May 25, 2017
10:30 am to 11:30 am PST
Technologies Showcased

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