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AI-BI-CI Meetup

AI-BI-CI Meetup:

Humankind is undergoing a huge transformation – thanks to a perfect culmination of a plethora of technologies coming together to jointly serve humankind’s need at an entirely different level.

Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Cognitive Intelligence (AI, BI, CI) are not mere buzzwords but technologies that are leading humankind to a frontier of endless possibilities.

This meetup will go to the depths to explain how exactly do these technologies function, how do they work together with other technologies and provide distinct and tangible value to business and consumers. Join us at this meetup to learn about these technologies, how to use them to create interesting solutions.

Date & Time

April 14th, 2018
10 am IST till 5 pm IST


Golden Tulip
DD 19, Sector-1. Salt Lake City,
Kolkata 700064,
West Bengal, India

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    AI Track
    (Artificial Intelligence)

    Session 1

    Crime never pays – AI makes sure of that.
    An in-depth discussion about how the latest AI technologies use various data sets to detect and predict crime and make our lives safer!

    Session 2

    Profiting for the not-for-profits using AI.

    Not-for-profit organizations run a tight ship and make the most of the limited resources available, both human and financial.
    In-depth Historical, Real-time & Predictive Analytics of Donors & Surgical Evaluations help them to be on top.

    BI Track
    (Business Intelligence)

    Session 1

    BI Driven Hyper-Targeted Marketing Campaigns for Better User Conversions. 
    Business decisions derived out of complex analytical queries are the backbone of today’s Marketing Automation tools and services. This session explains all, with a live demo.

    Session 2

    Real-time Business Intelligence for Real-time Business Decisions
    This session showcases how real-time streaming data is harnessed to provide intelligence for business decisions to be made in real time.

    CI Track
    (Cognitive Intelligence)

    Session 1

    Chatbots makes sense – let us show you how.
    An interactive session where we showcase the ease at with which sophisticated technologies like NLP can be harnessed to develop fully functional chatbots

    Session 2

    A picture is worth a thousand words – let AI depict you that.
    This session includes a live demo of Image and Text Recognition technologies are able to detect objects and extract text out of images.

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