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ThirdEye's Data Science Services

ThirdEye Data Analytics is a Big Data Services company that leverages Data Sciences
to build end-to-end solutions for clients worldwide.

A Silicon Valley based one-stop shop for Data Sciences, Data Analytics & Data Engineering Services.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

ThirdEye helped augment our Machine Learning based Customer Conversion Platform using the best-of-the-breed open source technologies in a very cost-sensitive manner while working on a strict delivery schedule.
We highly recommend ThirdEye for Data Engineering & Data Science consulting services.

STEPHEN STOKOLS, Ceo and Chairman
ThirdEye helped us to identify opportunities to efficiently utilize our Big Data platform. They also identified potential issues that we were able to remediate before they impacted the user experience.
ThirdEye has been a good partner sharing their experience and learning in the different Cloud-based Machine Learningofferings in the market.


highly rate ThirdEye. The quality of the product, the consulting, the collaboration, the documentation and the innovative thinking is exactly what Microsoft is looking for from a technology vendor, and ThirdEye delivered ‘first class’ across the board. 5 stars!

Technical Product Manager, Microsoft
ThirdEye demonstrated an ability to produce a highly specialized application in a timely manner.  They also exhibited extensive knowledge of algorithms, mathematical principles and admirable work ethics.  The same principles that are engrained in the foundation of this particular application are applicable in various other areas, i.e. where resource optimization is conducted under a number of constraints.

mark burgunderMark Burgunder, Innova Systems

“…can recommend Third Eye Data without hesitations!”

luis daniel sotoLuis Daniel Soto, Amazon AWS
…It has been great to collaborate with ThirdEye Data on several successful projects and demos in the area of AI, BI and Big Data projects….

Technical Product Manager, Microsoft

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Comparative Listing of Services Available on Major Cloud Platforms – AWS, Azure, GCP, Bluemix

Comparative Listing of Services Available on Major Cloud Platforms

This comparative listing is for the benefit of both business and technical audiences as they grapple with the plethora of services provided on these cloud platforms as to best understand what suits their business needs the most.

Gun Violence Visualizations

Gun Violence Visualizations

Data from the ‘Gun Violence Archive’ was used to develop these gun violence visualizations.
Users can analyze on ‘Mass Shootings‘ and ‘Gun Violence by Type of Incidents‘.

ThirdEye Data

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ThirdEye answers your data questions and offers actionable insights, real-world experiences and strategic recommendations.